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Ronplay Sandbox?

What is included in your augmented reality sandbox?”
Sand Reservoir: The reservoir is made of metal and is then painted in a variety of different colors.
Sand: All our sandboxes come with marble sand which is light in
color, really fine and also doesn’t stick to your hands! The white sand makes the quality of the projection even better.
Projector and Support: A high-resolution projector is provided which can be mounted to the ceiling. With that, a vertical support is provided which attaches to the sand reservoir.

Sensor and computer: We provide a really powerful sensor with all of our interactive sandboxes. The high quality of the sensor means that all games provided will also be of very high quality.
Interactive board: Eeach SandBox comes with an interactive board which can easily be placed over the sand reservoir! We also provide games to be used specifically with the board.

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SandBox used?

Augmented reality technology for children is a real tresure for teachers and other specialists working with children.
In education, especially in pre-school and primary school education, it gives teachers ample opportunities for informative, useful and exciting activities and contributes to the greater interest of children in the educational process, which is organized in the form of an interactive game. In addition, this technology improves the perception of information!

Augmented reality technology can be used by speech therapists, psychologists and speech pathologists that work with children and apply the method of sand therapy and activities in the usual sandbox or in the interactive sandbox.
Our customers use the SandBox in indoor play areas, family centers, Hotels, restaurants, cafes, Kindergartens, Schools and Universities, museums and nursing homes.

SandBox work?

The depth sensor captures a 3D height map of the sand surface in real time. The PC analizes the data and builds an image sent to the projector and via mirror back to the sand. The device creates augmented reality on the sand surface by projecting realistic textures — hights and lowlands, volcanic lava and water, grass and stone.

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SandBOX SOFTware

  • Sand
  • Table
  • Floor
  • Tailor made solutions

Ronplay Kids Interactive Sandbox uses Augmented Reality to turn a traditional sandbox into multipotential interactive unit. A unique software/hardware system provides realistic 3D sensation of Earth surface with water, mountains, volcanoes.
We completely abandoned the tablet-type interface (tapping) in our games to encourage the development of the child’s hand motor skills and motivate them to actively interact with the sand.
We use a special white sand that: transmits a clear bright image, does not require wetting with water to give shape, does not dust and does not stick to the hands, leaves hands and clothes clean.
Maximum interaction with sand, direct use of sand for games and development.
Thanks to the unique software developed, there is no delay when processing the surface of the sand, which made it possible to implement such a dynamic game as Sandball.

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Do you need innovative educational activities for children’s learning and playing?  You can use our new Interactive Sandbox with AR technology.  Wide variety of games for kids 3+ years old included.  There are possibilities for interactive gaming on the surface  – table top or floor.

It is a way to allow kids some physical freedom while keeping them engaged in academic tasks. Interactive experience and Augmented Reality accelerates the process of learning.

Interactive games are suitable for: Indoor play areas, preschool and daycare centers, Malls and retail, pediatric clinics and hospitals, museums and experience centers.

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More technically, our Magic floor is an interactive projection tool that is simultaneously an interactive floor and table.   Education and entertainment are combined in one powerful tool.  It includes a set of multimedia content intended for children of pre-school and school levels (3-12 years), as well as for rehabilitation of adult people and the elderly.

The Magic floor comprises a computer, a projector and a motion sensor system that allows real-time play on any part of the floor or table. Bright and colorful animations shown on the floor or table, react to special wooden markers or movements of hands. Interactive teaching tools using new technologies are effective in many ways. These technology can be used in art therapy for children and adults as well.

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We can design new set of features for the Ronplay Kids Sandbox – add branding, new themes, scenarios.  Our team of professionals in game development, customisation and engineering would  gladly implement your project.  Just order a custom solution.

Children with speech disorders require special attention.The use of an interactive sandbox for children with speech disorders significantly complements the work of a speech therapist.

Children may also have problems of the emotional sphere, impaired coordination of movements, low development of fine motor skills, accompanying movements during conversation, undeveloped sense of rhythm, a reduced level of development of verbal memory, attention, and verbal-logical thinking.

The partial transfer of speech therapy classes to an interactive complex gives a stronger educational and educational effect than standard forms of training. The child's desire to learn something new, experiment and work independently increases.

Where & for Whom?


With the help of augmented reality, ordinary sand turns into the surface of the earth with lakes and mountains, volcanoes and valleys, animals, dinosaurs and much more. Children study geography, the structure of planets, figures, learn to navigate in space, develop memory and logic.

Recognition not only of sand, but also physical objects on its surface.
Thanks to the unique software, there is no delay in processing the Sand surface, which allowed us to realize such dynamic games as Sandball.
Our game complex develops motor skills, coordination, сooperation skills and much more.
We supply a high resolution projector with a wider range of сolor rendition, which makes games more realistic.
Application of physical simulation where each particle is calculated separately.

  • Childhood development center
  • Preschools and Kindergartens
  • Elementary and High Schools
  • Universities


Many unique games and constant expansion of game modes will provide children with fun time for many years.

Unique games that have no analogues in the world. Each of our modes has its own unique mechanics and original story, we do not produce clone games.
Our gamе complex is constantly evolving. We make updates and develop new games on a regular basis.
We use realistic graphic modes in our games.

  • Indoor play areas
  • Family centers
  • Amusement parks
  • Airports and train stations Hotels, restaurants, cafes


Fine motility skills: interacting with sand the child stimulates all the nerve endings in all areas of the palm, develops tactile sensations, perception of smooth and uneven surfaces, the feeling of fine particles and loose material. The development of fine motility skills in children of preschool and primary  school age.

It’s important for us that the tactile interaction is pleasant and the picture is nice and without distortion, that’s why we always include unique white sand in the set.
We consciously eliminate any tablet-type interface from the Sandbox in order to develop the fine motility of child’s hand and motivate kids to interact actively with sand.
We have developed algorithms for more accurate recognition of the sand surface.

Therapy and rehabilitation
  • Hospitals
  • Rehabilitation centers
  • Therapy offices
  • Psychology centers


The interactive Sandbox consists of a projector, a special sensor, SOFTWARE, sand and the structure itself – We supply a complete set. 

The sandbox functions without additional devices. Works without Internet, computer or laptop.

We tested a lot of different projectors and decided on this one. This projector has certain parameters that give a high-quality image. When replacing the projector, we cannot guarantee the full functionality of the product.

Our games work on any sand, however, we offer a special marble sand that has unique characteristics:
Safe for children, does not dust, does not stick to the hands, you can sculpt different shapes, white color (white picture is better).
Our sand is included in the basic configuration of the sandbox.

We develop all our games ourselves and update them on a regular basis. Every few months, we release new games that you can install on your sandbox (if you have the Internet).

The standard package includes 6 games on the sand and 6 games on the table.
Most of the games are multi-level. Child psychologists help us create games. Our games are therapeutic, educational and entertaining. .

A standard sandbox is designed for 6 children, and a large one for 15.

The sandbox is suitable for all children up to 13 years old. We have many different games that are designed for different ages.

What our customers say

Professor Lesley CollierThis is a versatile interactive tool that can be adapted to accommodate different levels of physical and cognitive ability. Largely suitable for children and young people but will also appeal to older teenagers. The interactive tabletop allows for educational opportunities such as spelling and reading challenges which encompass hand-eye co-ordination and object recognition. More challenging tabletop games include designing a city in which the user can include objects such as buildings to challenge topographical orientation and problem-solving. All these activities can be undertaken one to one or as a group activity to foster collegiality and teamwork.
The sandbox is an additional element that extends the activities to include more tactile input. Again games offer different levels of complexity and have broad enough themes to appeal to a range of interests. The quiz games require hand-eye coordination, scanning and searching, and problem-solving. For example, seeking out buried treasure requires spotting corners of the treasure chest sticking out of the sand then digging them out whereas digging out mines requires you to seek carefully then lift the mines out gently. The lakes and mountains, and volcano programmes are excellent opportunities for collaborative play as well as strategic problem-solving. These activities can also be augmented with additional items such as play figures to increase the challenges of the task undertaken.
Overall, this is a versatile tool that can be used for immersive play as well as for therapeutic interaction. The multi-sensory components increase engagement and attention as well as providing a flexible level of sensory stimulation.

Lesley Collier Divisional Lead/Reader - Occupational Therapy, Brunel University London

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